The Minnesota Twins Are Projected To Have The Largest Increase In The Win Column For 2017

Before the new baseball season gets underway, many fans are wondering what to expect from their favorite teams. The latest issue of Sports Illustrated has listed the over or under win totals for each club, which will either encourage or discourage its followers.
The team projected to have the biggest increase in victories is Minnesota which, according to, will go from 59 wins last season up to 70 in 2017. While an eleven win improvement seems radical, fans should keep in mind that in 2015 the Twins finished with 83 victories.
The Texas Rangers, who had the best record in the American League last year, are projected to experience the largest reduction in wins. After notching 95 wins last year, their over/under entering this season is 85.
Believe it or not, the biggest drop in the win column in the National League is projected to be the team that won the World Series. The Cubs came out on top 103 times during the regular season in 2016, a total that should drop to 96 based on the over/under listed in Sports Illustrated.
The other Chicago team is also predicted to drop seven games from the win column, partly due to the trades of left hander Chris Sale and outfielder Adam Eaton. The White Sox won 78 times last year, but are projected to come out on top in only 71 games in 2017.
Only three teams in addition to the Twins are expected to increase at least seven wins this year, although none are expected to reach the post season. The Arizona Diamondbacks are projected to rise from 69 to 78 wins, the Pittsburgh Pirates from 78 to 85, and the Tampa Bay Rays from 68 to 75.
Most clubs will rise or drop no more than a few wins, according to the projections, but fans should be prepared for much more radical changes than that. After all, exactly one half of all thirty teams experienced either a rise or a drop of at least seven wins from 2015 to last year.
Besides Minnesota's 24 win drop mentioned earlier, Kansas City went from 98 to 81 wins while the Angels won eleven fewer than in 2015. Pittsburgh suffered the largest drop in the senior circuit, going from 98 wins in 2015 down to 78 last year. The Cardinals dropped from 100 wins in 2015 to 86 last year, and the Diamondbacks won ten fewer games in that same one season span.
On the positive side, Boston increased its victory total from 78 in 2015 to 93 a year later, followed by Detroit's jump from 74 to 86 victories. Washington led the National League in win increases, a boost that took Dusty Baker's club from 83 to 95.
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